Welcome to the Resource Centre for Public Sociology

The RCPS joins the Sociology Department in expressing solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities across North America.

We won't let a pandemic keep us down! The RCPS is open in virtual space and we are planning a number of workshops and activities for 2020-2021. Email socrcps@yorku.ca to be added to the listserv.


The Department of Sociology's Resource Centre for Public Sociology supports York University faculty and students engaging in teaching and research in public sociology. The activities of the Centre link the university with local, national and global communities. The Centre has three core objectives:

  • To promote and advance public sociological research which maps power and inequality.
  • To develop innovative approaches for communicating sociological research to multiple publics.
  • To promote methods of public sociology in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Jane Finch Social Innovation Hub at the RCPS

The Hub has gone virtual and is open to supporting students year round. Please reach out to our Hub Coordinator, Khadar Hilowle, if you have any questions or would like to sign up for the workshops. For more information...